One thing I do every time I visit France is make a stop at my favorite Pharmacie. French pharmacies are a haven for some of the best cult beauty brands... aisles and aisles of all the good stuff. French beauty and skincare products are so well known because of their simple complexes and effective results. My favorite pharmacie ever, ever, ever is Citypharma Saint-Germain (26 rue du Four) in Paris.

The quintessential French girl beauty look everyone is craves is all about healthy and radiant skin with minimal makeup, and these products deliver just that. Open the beauty cabinet of any chic Parisienne, and you'll find only a statement red lip, black eyeliner, and mascara amongst these staples. I've tried just about every potion, serum, mask, and moisturizer under the sun but these are my tried and true. 

NUXE Body Oil: The best 'put anywhere and it'll get the job done' oil. Face, body, hair, you name it. Smooth and supple skin. 

EMBRYOLISSE Moisturizer: This is an industry favorite because of it's incredible formula of pure hydration that gets the job done in one step. In the past couple years of using it, I've switched over full time from my coveted Chanel Le Weekend.

BIODERMA Micellar Water: ... aka Holy water. You've probably heard of this on every other beauty blog but it's because it works!! The most non fussy one step wonder; With the consistency of water, this stuff gets off every trace of makeup including the most water proof and black mascaras (i.e. my fav Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes)! I'm always fully stocked with backup bottles on hand.

Caudalíe Beauty Elixir: This has been the newest addition to my regime in the past months, and I've become obsessed. I go for a mid day spritz when my skin feels dull and always when I wake up and before I go to sleep. The combination of rosemary, astringent mint, and rose instantly refreshes. 

Avène Eau Thermale: Similar to the Caudalíe spray, this one by Avène gives the same cooling sensation, but is essentially just water. I love to keep a bottle in my bag to spritz on post gym or Soul Cycle.

These products used to be exclusive to Europe, but you can now find them in many US stores and online... however the classic corner store pharmacies scattered throughout France are where you'll find the best selection! ;)