Clearly I couldn't get enough of the Euro summer back in June that I had to come back for round two! I've been to Rome a couple times, so now that the touristy activities have been checked off I have time to roam around and do whatever strikes interesting. 

This time around I wanted to tick some restaurants off my list, and that's just what I did! I come to you with a Where to eat in Rome: the 24 hour edition. Prego!

9:00 AM - The jet lag is so real at this point. You've probably been up for a good 4 hours already. Head to any 'Bar' for an espresso + cornetto.

12:15 PM - I'm all about the early lunch, and I've found a new fav in Rome. Ginger, hands down one of the best pasta pomodoro variations out there. And trust me, I've had a lot!

2:00 PM - Gelatoooo time. Giolitti and Grom are my favs- stratciatella with pistachio is my go to combo!

5:30 PM- If you haven't had your daily Aperol Spritz fix, now is the time! I never discriminate a spritz but the ones at Obicà are solid. They specialize in mozzarellas from Campania, so make sure to order alllll the cheese. 

8:00 PM- Osteria da Fortunata has the most incredible pastas, all handmade to order in front of you! Again, the pomododro is top notch/out of this world good.